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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Do people complain about flyers

Flyers are a part of marketing in London. They have been for decades and will remain so for decades to come. Some people do have a somewhat negative view of them however and some businesses are afraid to use them in case of complaints. Do people complain about flyers? There are many ways a flyer…
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How to save money on your leaflet distribution campaign

Wasting money on carelessly planned marketing campaigns is a bad idea especially in an extremely competitive place like London. Leaflet distribution is effective as we've discussed many times before but in order to make it a regular part of your advertising efforts you need to ensure to not waste any resources in the production and…
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What makes a leaflet distribution drop effective?

Businesses across London have been using leaflet distribution for lead generation, brand-awareness and straight up sales generation for decades now. This applies to businesses of all sizes from a one man band tree surgeon, through high-end real estate agents to the largest fast food chains in the world. But what makes a leaflet distribution drop…
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Which areas are good for leaflet distribution

Leaflet distribution can be used as a relatively blunt tool. Many people think that printing a hundred thousand leaflets and having them delivered close to their business' location is all there is to leaflet distribution. But we know that this is not the way to approach this marketing tool. Let's have a look at which…
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