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Ex Royal Mail London Postman & Marketing expert Mark Redmond

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Trusted by large and small…

Over the years we are proud to have worked with the following..

All our clients get a seasoned London Private Postman.

Founded In London, Based In London, Experts for Leaflet Distribution London

Mark is one of our best leaflet distributors and he has been with us for years.

Mark Stevens 37 –SW expert

Status: single.

Royal Mail: 8 years Duty

TPP: 7 years 2 months Duty

TPP leaflets delivered: 6.1 Million

TPP Back checks passed: 3,512

TPP Spot Checks passed: 1,801

TPP Group GPS Files checked: 360 groups

TPP Total Daily checks Passed: 5,673

The Expert Leaflet Distribution Service for High-End London.

Welcome to The Private Postman -  the premier company for personalised leaflet distribution in London, founded in 2009 by former Royal-Mail postman Mark Redmond.

Our aim is to develop long-term relationships with all of our clients, sharing our detailed expertise and our extensive knowledge of the leaflet distribution business. We use our own bespoke mapping system that includes only residential addresses and automatically excludes local authority, council properties and undeliverable areas, giving you the most accurate numbers in the industry.

However some client’s do require Council house leaflet distribution in London so we have now developed London’s only bespoke system. Click here.

We were also the very first company to utilise GPS tracking for flyer delivery, and have successfully worked with some of the biggest names you’ll come across, including the NHS and the Arctic Monkeys.

Expert Flyer Delivery in London for Any Size of Client

That said, we also offer a highly personal service to clients of all sizes, and The Private Postman covers all requirements for leaflet distribution in London around the most famous postcodes in the North, North West, West, East, South East and South West of the area.

Our expertly-trained Private Postmen now deliver over 30 million leaflets a year, and we’re always looking to improve, with our Postmen undergoing careful training to offer the best possible service.

Many of London’s affluent postcodes tend to be physically challenging and time consuming to cover with a targeted flyer distribution strategy. To counteract this hurdle, our Private Postmen earn more than double the industry standard. This makes our team of Private Postmen the most effective and reliable distributors in the business, so you can depend on them to deliver what you need, every time.

We also offer a complete range of other leaflet services, including:

  • Concept development and design consultation
  • Campaign strategy and weekly reports
  • Stock control and pick up
  • Printing and design
Our prices start from £48/1000 + VAT for shared and £85/1000 + VAT for solo distribution
(prices include TPP GPS tracking with no hidden costs but may vary based on the areas that you need leaflets distributed in and on the format of your leaflet. For an accurate quote, please ask for a free quote below, or contact us today).

About our Service

Our system rests on three pillars that together guarantee the best results for our customers.

The TPP tracking systems

We combine traditional GPS tracking with our exclusive TPP Mercury System offering a level of transparency unrivaled in the industry.
You will be informed in real-time when, where and by whom your leaflets are being delivered. We also provide high resolution GPS files as proof of delivery after each campaign is finished.
We were the first company to use tracked GPS flyer distribution back in 2009 and we pride ourselves on always being the first to introduce new technologies in our industry.


Only one in every hundred workers who apply to join our team are accepted.
All our private postmen are expertly trained by Mark Redmond himself - a former Royal Mail postman with 10 years of service.
The level of experience in our team allows us to train the best distributors in London.

This created an environment where our workers earn close to double the industry standard.



Our supervisors are experts in all aspects of leaflet distribution and have vast experience in dealing with and preventing any problems commonly associated with this type of work.

They provide our workers with the leadership they need to perform consistently at the high level that is expected of them.



Please see examples of the types of businesses which benefit from our expertise…


Leaflet Distribution London

Estate Agents

Leaflet Distribution London

Food Franchises


Gyms, Schools & Churches

Leaflet Distribution

Household Products and Services

Flyer Distribution London

Agencies & Events

Leaflet design is one of the most important aspects of planning a distribution campaign. Especially in London.

TPP Design and Print Packages


In addition to our expertise in distribution, we can also help design your leaflets and arrange cost-effective printing.

This is a preferred way of working for customers who want an all-inclusive, hassle-free service.

With many years of experience (and some clients who print upwards of a million leaflets per year) we understand the importance of a well-thought-out leaflet which successfully conveys your message to potential customers. We offer competitive prices for this service and if you'd like to know more about the process and get a free quote, please contact us here.


Leaflet Distribution in the London Area