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Objective: Develop a winning ‘will work anywhere’ leaflet.

The design of your leaflet is absolutely critical to the success of your leaflet distribution campaign. Leaflet design is unlike any other type of printed or digital media design. It is not about viewing your new design as you would your web site or app.
For ‘door to door’ leaflets to have their best response rates, there is a simple code of practice design cues to follow. We at The Private Postman are experts in this field and know what works and what does not.
We have developed our design cues over ten years of working in this field. In that time we have printed millions of leaflets and designed and developed many winning, ‘will work anywhere’ leaflets.



We offer a simple ‘straight talking, both barrels feed-back service, you supply your print ready, PDF art work. We will then give you our opinion as to what we think is good/powerful, and what is still to tweak or missing.
Obtaining professional feedback, before you go to print, is critical to your whole campaign. Get anything wrong and it does not matter how many we deliver, or where we deliver them, it will never work as well as it could have and should have.


As you may have already found, print prices can vary dramatically. Thickness of paper dramatically raises or lowers the print price. One of our in-house experts can advise you and guide you through the details of your printing, including complicated paper GSM ratings and what they really mean. We work closely with Europe’s largest print house and print, for our clients, over a million leaflets a month. This gives us massive buying power. Needless to say we can get a job printed perfectly and for less.

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