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Monthly Archives: August 2020

The best flyer distribution technique in London

When you start looking into flyer distribution you will inevitably run into many different ways leaflets and flyers can be delivered to potential clients. There is handing out of flyers outside of tube stations and other busy parts of London. There is door to door distribution or even leaving of the leaflets on the wind-shields…
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What quantity of leaflet should you print

We all know that when used correctly leaflet distribution can be an extremely effective tool for promotion in London. Business of a wide variety of sizes and focuses have been using them in London for decades with great success. But what is a good amount of leaflets to start with or to get the best…
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The best approach to restaurant leaflets in London

Restaurants and food establishments of all kinds and all over London have been using leaflet distribution to advertise their services for decades. As we all know due to the how competitive the restaurant business is not many ineffective procedures are adhered to for this long. No restaurant can afford to throw away money on non-functional…
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Why use leaflet distribution for local marketing

Any business that focuses on serving their local London area should for obvious reasons focus their marketing efforts on the same part of the city. There are many techniques one can use and we at The Private Postman believe that leaflet distribution is the most effective one. Let's discuss why that is and why use…
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