Monthly Archives: October 2017

How to become a well-known business in your local area

On a daily basis we at The Private Postman deal with clients that come to us with one specific problem that could be fatal to any local business. Not many people in the area where the business is based know of it's existence. For a small local business it is imperative to have a real…
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What is hand to hand leaflet distribution

Flyers can be delivered in a variety of ways. They can be handed out to people passing by on a busy street, delivered directly to people's homes, or left on a front wind shield of a car. Only one of these however is effective and recommended by us. Leaving leaflets on cars is something we…
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Ways of tracking your leaflet distribution

The Private Postman has been providing leaflet distribution services in London postal areas for eight years now. We have always aimed to provide the most transparent distribution in the industry. Live Tracking Thanks to feedback from our customers we have developed multiple ways of informing our clients about the progress of their leaflet drop both…
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