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What should a restaurant leaflet look like p.1

As much of the restaurant business in London has moved to deliveries in 2020 – leaflet distribution has become an even more important part of the advertising efforts of many food establishments. If you are delivering food to people’s homes you might as well advertise by delivering leaflets to their homes first.

The success of a leaflet distribution campaign in London however is reliant of a wide variety of things. The leaflet design itself has to be one of the most important. Let’s talk about what should a restaurant leaflet look like.

The fact that the design of a leaflet is one of the most important parts of any campaign is true across industries. The food business however is even more sensitive to this than many others. Food marketing is largely visual. Especially if you can’t use the smell of your food to attract customers during London lockdowns and restrictions.

So, what should a restaurant leaflet look like and what are the fundamental elements of a good design.

What should a restaurant leaflet look like p.1

Great photography

What should a restaurant leaflet look like p.1

The simple rule that applies across cuisines and types of restaurants when it comes to leaflet distribution in London is.

You are selling food. You are selling food with a leaflet. Your leaflet should include fantastic photography of your best looking dish/dishes.

A great photo of your most photogenic dish is the most fundamental element of your leaflet. You can either hire a professional photographer to take photos at your restaurant of use one of the internet stock image websites.

In general it is much better for you to get your own images as you will be selling your food specifically not just a good version of your cuisine in general. But if that is not an option don’t let that stop you.

It’s better to get a high quality, well selected stock image on your leaflet than a bad photo you have taken yourself. This is especially true since one side of your leaflet should be mostly just the image.

What should a restaurant leaflet look like p.1

Keep it simple

What should a restaurant leaflet look like p.1

Your leaflet needs to be simple. There is no need to use a complicated design with many images of dishes. One or two dishes should be displayed on your leaflet at most. Specifically the front side of your leaflet should be absolutely centered around this idea.

Simplicity should apply both in the design of your leaflet as well as in the format of it. When you look at the options as you visit a website of one of the printing houses you’ll be using you might be tempted to lean towards elaborate DL size leaflets that are Z or Gate folded.

When printed on nice paper these can be very impressive. Impressive however doesn’t mean practical or effective. Leaflets that are printed on folded formats or unusual sizes tend to be more difficult to store, deliver and are much more expensive to produce.

A good 150-250gsm, A5 single sheet leaflet is the way to go. Nothing significantly thicker or thinner than this and nothing that is folded is a good idea.

We hope that this first of our two part series of blogs on what should a restaurant leaflet look like has been informative. If you have any questions or if you’d like to book a leaflet distribution campaign in London please feel free to get in touch here.

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