How to promote a restaurant opening

How to promote a restaurant opening

Opening a local restaurant in London can be a very difficult task. Running a successful restaurant is an extremely challenging thing to do and the number of failing brasseries, bistros, cafes and fine dining places in London is astronomical.

How to promote a restaurant opening

The opening of a new location is the ideal time to lean into promotion and this is especially true if you will be focusing mainly on clients from your local area.

Let's have a look at how to promote a restaurant opening with leaflet distribution.

Plan ahead

Starting your leaflet distribution campaign ahead of your opening is very important. Since you probably have a reasonable idea of when your new location will be opening you can lead up to it with a one or two drop campaign.

This way you can let everyone within walking distance know the exact date and entice them to take part in the opening event.

Run multiple designs

When you are running repeated drops where you deliver your leaflets to the same area and household multiple times it is a good practice to use multiple designs.

You always want to keep your branding and message consistent but especially a restaurant can use a variety of food photos that can each attract a different kind of client.

We at The Private Postman have an integrated design department and thus can help you with this process. We also have very good relationships with some of the largest printing houses in Europe and as such we can arrange the design, print and storage process for you in one.

Think Local

When you're thinking about how to promote a restaurant opening in London it is fundamental that you focus on your local area. Unless your restaurant is very specialised it will mostly attract people that live either within walking distance or within an easy commute.

Local clients are also invaluable since it is much easier to develop relationships with these people into more long-term and repeated visitors.

We can help you analyse exactly how large your local area should be. We look at things like demographics and how they map onto your pricing structure, public transportation links and traffic in busy times.

All of these things will help us determine where your customers are most likely to come from and focus your leafleting efforts in that direction.

Going deep rather than wide tends to be a good idea with a London based restaurant.

If you local area consists of 40,000 households we would generally recommend to deliver to these 40,000 households regularly and multiple times a year or multiple times leading up to an event at your restaurant.

Running a leaflet distribution drop three times to 40,000 households will generally be a much better idea than delivering once to 120,000 households.

We hope that this blog on how to promote a restaurant opening has been informative. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a leaflet distribution campaign please feel free to get in touch with us here.