How to hand out Flyers Effectively?

How to hand out Flyers Effectively?

We all want to make sure that we are effective in what we do. Time and effort are precious commodities and wasting them is not something a good business does.

If you are going to hand out flyers the logical question would be. How to hand out Flyers Effectively?

First we need to make sure that we define what we mean by “Handing out” flyers.

How to hand out Flyers Effectively?Hand to hand distribution

Standing outside of tube stations at busy times of day and handing out flyers to passers by is what most people mean by handing out leaflets.

This is however a services that ends up being relatively expensive as you have to pay per 4 hour shift per distributor.

On top of this it is relatively slow and it makes it very difficult to target the people you are delivering to. They tend to just be random passers by.

Hand to hand distribution is not an effective way of distributing flyers.

Door to door distribution

Door to door distribution is a much more effective way of flyer distribution. If you want to get your flyers to homes of Londoners that might be interested in your services door to door distribution is the way to do it.

Door to door distribution allows us to develop demographic data on the types of people we will be targeting with your flyer distribution. We can go way beyond the surface incomes and property prices per area.

We know where young couples live in London, where young families live, where people have gardens, small flats, large homes, or where people tend to live in their retirement.

With this information we can make sure that your leaflets are being handed out to the right people.

If you want to know how to hand out flyers effectively you might as well be to an area that has been demographically mapped and from which your flyer distribution company has selected the appropriate parts for you.

Repeated Drops

When you go out and hand out a leaflet just once you will have a small percentage of the recipients respond. Similar to a TV ad or a facebook campaign seeing a piece of advertising just once is not as effective as seeing it multiple times.

The ideal amount of repetitions depends on the medium we are using. We are all familiar with the relentlessly repetitive youtube ad that seems to have been developed only to drive you mad.

With leaflet distribution we can make sure to deliver your flyers to the same homes multiple times without creating this level of fatigue.

We can keep multi-week buffer periods between each drop. We can have the design of your flyer change for each round of the deliveries to create variety as well as present new sides of your business.

Repeated leaflet drops give you a great deal of control while being one of the best local marketing tools in London currently available.

We hope this article has given you some useful information on how to hand out flyers effectively. If you would like to find out more about flyer distribution or if you'd like to book a campaign please get in touch with us here...