Thing to keep in mind when booking a leaflet distribution campaign

Thing to keep in mind when booking a leaflet distribution campaign

Timed Offers and Events.

Timed offers:

We recommend that any offer advertised on your leaflet runs for at least 6-8 weeks after the completion of delivery. Please inform us about any offers printed on your leaflets and the exact dates they are applicable to.

Events: If you are organizing an event and want us to deliver your leaflets to advertise it, we need to know the exact dates of the event at the point of booking. This allows us to gauge whether we can complete your drop in time for you


We need a confirmation email detailing the exact Groups and Walks that you want your leaflets delivered to no later than 11am on the Tuesday of the week of delivery. If we do not receive a confirmation of the Groups and Walks you want your leaflets delivered to by this deadline, your distribution will be automatically moved to the following week

Leaflet Distribution London

We print or you print

If you print your leaflets yourself we can pick them up from your location or you can arrange to have them delivered directly to our storage unit.

Our delivery address is: The Private Postman Ltd C/O Access self-storage 1 First Way, Industrial Estate, Wembley HA9 0JD. Opening hours are Mon- Sat 8.30am- 5.45pm

Stock Deadline:

We need your leaflets with us on Tuesday the week of planned delivery at the latest. If we do not receive your leaflets by Tuesday the week of planned delivery your distribution will be automatically moved to the following week.

If you are having your leaflets delivered to our storage unit please inform us when the delivery should be taking place. Please include the number of boxes we will receive, the types of leaflets in them, the number of leaflets of each type, If there are more than one, and the number of leaflets per box. Please also ask your printer to use standard stackable A4 paper boxes.

If we are picking the leaflets up from your location

We always schedule our pickups for a Tuesday after 11am in the London area.

We pick your leaflets up free of charge if your order is 8,000 leaflets or more. Otherwise £15+VAT pick charge will apply.

All orders over 50,000 leaflets must be delivered to our above mentioned address by the client

We can offer you our expert advice on what areas will be the most beneficial for you to target based on the services or products you are advertising. We are the only company in London with 30 years of Royal Mail Postman’s experience. No one knows London better than we do. We can also help you with guiding the targetting process and shaping your message to maximize the impact of your campaigns.

You will receive all of our distribution maps for your selected postcodes. Our standard maps are generally 5000 leaflets each with the option of being broken down to even smaller areas for specific targetting. Our maps of 5000 leaflet are called Group and smaller areas of 800-1000 leaflets within them are called walks. There are normally five walks in each Group.