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Stand Tall and Plan for it

Dear Business owners and managers,

With the Covid pandemic still raging globally, many local businesses are finding trade slow after the initial ‘restart backlog’ is cleared.

We believe this is partly due to 50% of the UK workforce being on the furlough scheme and universal credit.

Not knowing if you are going to keep or lose your job will discourage many of the ten million ‘furloughed people’ from making major purchasing
decisions. New cars, holidays, house moves, new kitchens etc. will be put on ice.

High end markets may not be as affected, but many markets have now shrunk. As business is slow and the furlough scheme runs down, employers will have no choice but to let staff go.

On top on this, the threat of a second wave, possible local lockdowns and the forthcoming Brexit are 100% real this autumn and winter. “BUT - There is no point getting down about it, or worse, putting our heads in the sand, no!”

Yours faithfully

Mark Redmond MD,
The Private Postman Group

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Streamline to Survive

- How can you survive with 60 - 70% turnover of what you had pre-Covid?

- What ruthless cuts are vital to make those lower sales work?

- Cost cutting may see the same pre-Covid profits, even with lower sales

- Be prepared to take a step backwards to take a giant STEP FORWARDS TO SAFETY

The Keys to Rebuilding

- Look for new USPs and capitalise on your market’s changing situation

- Think outside the box. How can you do things better than any of your competition?

- Be open to new ideas, new opportunities.Diversify and streamline = Survival!

- Build it stronger. Plan for local lockdowns or 2nd wave

- Start rebuilding the one thing you can control: your local market.

“The only lesson we learned from the recession in the 80’s is that you get enthusiasm
of local people, local initiatives, and local business back on track to rebuild.”

Lord Michael Heseltine, ITV NEWS 2020


- Service and master your local market

- Only targeted leaflet distribution reaches all your local market

- Digital marketing/social media are massively oversubscribed/untrusted

Working from Home = More Leaflet Power!

- A lot of Londoners now work from home, which means doormats are being cleared 3-4 times a day. Companies are fighting over ‘digital
marketing screen space’, so there has never been such a great time to stand out and be seen - The letterbox is back!

- Only The Private Postman can market you locally to achieve local domination or simply increase brand awareness

- Our exclusive delivery systems are the best in the industry.

Local Is What We Do. See our Google reviews here

The best leaflet distribution techniques in London

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The best leaflet distribution techniques in London