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See it - Try it - Buy it

See it - Try it - Buy it

Footfall boosting system

How to Increase your shop’s footfall

During lockdown, millions more people converted to online shopping. But as we all know, online shopping does nothing for our local businesses, local economies, or the environment.
As popular as online shopping is, it still has some major weaknesses. Here at TPPM, our marketing company, we see these as essential angles of attack.

Visiting your shop is better…

- The ‘expert personal service’ you can only get from a quality shopping experience
- See it in real life - for yourself - not on a screen
- Try it out or on
- Buy it! right there and then, 100% instant sales

See it - Try it - Buy it

Buying from a shop also helps the local economy with jobs and money spent locally. This helps keep our local areas safe and house prices healthy.

Let’s not give more trade to tax shy internet retail giants. Let us get the people back into your local shop post-Covid.

Brexit is also looming: while the rest of Europe sticks together, the UK will have to fight its own economic problems. Let’s stick together and ‘push local’.

See our leaflet campaign examples for ideas for your own store. Your local public need reminding why your shop is great!

Yours faithfully

Mark Redmond MD,
The Private Postman Group


See it - Try it - Buy it

See it - Try it - Buy it

Basic awareness - Local Domination to London Domination


The Private Postman has the power to help you dominate your local area or the whole of ‘your chosen’ London. Our leaflet deliveries go to every quality residential address: we exclude all council estates and have the most advanced GPS leaflet delivery system in the industry. See our 5 star Google reviews.

See it - Try it - Buy it

With all digital marketing platforms now massively oversubscribed, paper is back. You may have seen national press the Paper Loves Trees Campaign. It’s true, millions of growing trees help give us fresh air for twenty years before being used for paper and are replanted.

The Secret Is Every 4-8 Weeks

Regular leaflet drops are the key to a successful campaign, to find out more visit: our home page

Some of the clients using our system

See it - Try it - Buy it