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Response Rates

Leaflet Distribution Response Rates

Here at The Private Postman we believe in giving our customers the information they need to empower them to take the right decisions for their particular situation. We’ve seen a lot of misinformation about leaflet response rates, so we’d like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

There are 5 aspects which will determine the response rate to your leaflet.

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1. Suitability of the product or service for a leaflet distribution campaign in London.

A wide range of products and services will benefit from a leaflet delivery campaign in London, but there are a few which will not. If we think your money would be better spent elsewhere, we’ll tell you so. Our business is built on happy customers.

2. Effective leaflet design

While many of the principles of effective design will apply to both the web and paper, as so often in life, it’s the details which can make all the difference. In simple terms there is a big difference between looking good on a screen and working effectively as a leaflet. There is a specific art and science to designing leaflets, which is why we offer all our customers a free pre-print consultation on their leaflet design. We strongly recommend that all our customers have their leaflet design checked by us before sending it to print so we can eliminate mistakes and make it as effective as it can possibly be. Basically we want to ensure that the money you spend having leaflets printed is money well spent.

3. Perfect delivery

There are three key points to perfect delivery and one bonus which we strive to achieve as much as possible.

The key points are:

Leaflets need to be delivered perfectly dry.
We only work in the dry, we suspend deliveries when it’s raining.

Leaflets need to be absolutely uncreased.
We train our operatives in how to get any leaflet through any door without folding it.

There needs to be the right number of leaflets per property.
Properties which are clearly sub-divided need to get more leaflets than single-occupancy properties.

The bonus is that leaflets land on top of any other deliveries, such as Royal Mail post, so that the householder is guaranteed to see them. We deliberately start our deliveries when Royal Mail is due to be finishing theirs to maximize the likelihood of this happening.

4. Holiday periods

London has an extensive transport network and so many Londoners like to head out of the city during holiday periods. Fewer people in London means fewer responses to leaflets.

5. Completed deliveries

In other words, did all the operatives actually deliver your leaflets everywhere they were supposed to deliver them? This was probably the one you already knew. Here at TPP we have a straightforward approach to ensuring this happens.

We are very selective about our recruitment process.
We train our operatives thoroughly before they go out on their first delivery.
We have an extensive system of back-checks to keep track of the operatives’ performance.
We offer the best pay in the industry.

In other words, we get the best people, we give them the best training, we give them the best support and we give them the best money.

Those are the 5 basic facts which will determine the level of response to your leaflets. We’ve built up years of experience in getting them right and we’ll do everything we can to help make your leaflet delivery campaign in London as big a success as it can possibly be.

Thanks, Mark Redmond

MD and Founder

The Private Postman