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Questions related to leaflet distribution

Common leaflet distribution questions

How do you distribute leaflets effectively?

The most effective way of distributing leaflets in London is to use a door-to-door shared distribution system.

Your leaflets should be delivered to privately owned residences exclusively and should be a part of a campaign including at least 1-2 other high quality non-competing flyers.

This way your leaflets will be delivered in the most cost-effective way possible.

Common leaflet distribution questions

How long would it take to deliver 1000 leaflets?

A good distributor can deliver up to 1000 leaflets in one day of work. This number also happens to be very close to the daily limit we have set for our Private Postmen and women.

In order to keep the quality of deliveries high it is good practice to keep the number of leaflets delivered by a single distributor no higher than 1000 in a day.

Common leaflet distribution questions

What should a good leaflet include?

A good leaflet should be simple, include one piece of high quality photography or design, contact details and a short description of the services you are providing.

Make sure to keep your branding consistent across various platforms including your leaflets.
The colour scheme, fonts and logos on your leaflet should be consistent with your website, social media profiles and other media.

Common leaflet distribution questions

How many leaflets can you deliver in an hour?

How many leaflets we can deliver in an hour will depend on the number of distributors working on your campaign. These numbers can also vary largely depending on which area of London you are targeting.

A single distributor can deliver up to 250 leaflets in an hour in good conditions.

Common leaflet distribution questions

How effective is leaflet distribution?

Leaflet distribution is one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses looking to serve their local London market. It is being successfully used by businesses ranging from self-employed individuals to multi national corporations.

Common leaflet distribution questions

How much does leaflet distribution cost?

The most cost efficient and effective system to run a leaflet distribution campaign is door-to-door distribution on shared basis.

Delivering only to residential addresses together with 1-2 other high quality non-competing flyers. Leaflet distribution like this starts at £40/1000 leaflets delivered +VAT.

Common leaflet distribution questions

How many flyers should I distribute?

Leaflet distribution campaigns can greatly vary in size. The minimum size for a standard leaflet distribution campaign in London is 5000 leaflets. However campaigns going into hundreds of thousands of leaflets are common.