The Postman’s Gallery Part 1

The Postman’s Gallery Part 1

Having a good collective is integral to getting results as a company. Especially in our field. Our workers are out in the field every day delivering leaflets and working hard. We appreciate their hard work and do not take their good attitude for granted.

Through speaking with some of our Private Postman we have discovered that many of them have been taking photos of interesting things they come across on their daily delivery rounds. With smart phones getting better and cameras improving it has become much easier to snap a good image with the device everyone carries in their pocket.
This is obvious. What was not obvious to us was how amazing many of these photos looked. It turns out that our Private Postman are not only hard working, reliable team players. They are also very creative and many of them have become rather avid photographers.

As such we believe that they deserve some recognition for this. We will be sharing many of these images with you here. We will include stories about the areas where they were taken, the objects in the photos and the amazing people who have taken them.

Here are first two photos that have come through from David Lally. A long-time Private Postman and an important part of our company.


This first image isĀ from Teddington.

Lealfet Distribution in London photography


And this second iconic photo of the London Telephone booths is from Belgrave RoadLealfet Distribution in London photography



David has been a staple part of our team for a long time and we are happy to see that he can be as creative with photography as he is with resolving any issues that come up during deliveries. We will keep you regularly updated as more photos come in and we'll see which of The Private Postman happen to share David's passion for photography.