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How Much Does Leaflet Advertising Cost?

The cost of leaflet distribution tends to be communicated in the price per 1000 leaflets delivered. There are however many decisions one can make in planning of a leaflet advertising campaign that can affect the price. On top of this there are also some hidden costs or at least costs that might not be immediately…
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How Effective is leaflet distribution?

Anyone that has spent some time being a serious practitioner of marketing will know that immediately calculated and calculable ROI does not tend to give you the whole story in the modern world. Driving sales and leads is important but building a brand has become more valuable than ever. Leaflet distribution is effective in both…
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What is the best way to track a leaflet distribution campaign?

Live tracking is something that The Private Postman brought to the world of leaflet distribution in London some 10 years ago back in 2009. When our MD Mark Redmond noticed that some of the delivery methods and techniques he has learned during his career at the Royal Mail could be used in leaflet distribution -…
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Does Hand To Hand Leaflet Distribution Work?

Hand to hand leaflet distribution is a very different service to door to door deliveries. It is priced on completely different basis, it will be used in very different situations and generally requires a to be approached in a completely different way. Hand to hand Leaflet Distribution can be a very effective method of advertising.…
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