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What is Door to door leaflet distribution?

Door-to-door leaflet distribution is a service that allows you to deliver your leaflets directly to people's homes through their letterbox. The flyers delivered are unaddressed and the homes are generally selected in groups of 5,000 thousand based on their location and demographics rather than selecting individual households. It is a direct marketing strategy and it…
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The Postman’s Gallery Part 2

Our Private Postman photo competition has been running for a while and a considerable part of our fleet has joined in taking photos on their deliveries and sharing them with us. Today we have some pictures taken Mauricio Gonzalez on one of his delivery rounds in NW8. Specifically around St.John's Wood. This area is generally…
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Leaflet distribution and Delivery apps

The first food delivery app of the modern type that we are familiar with to come to London was Deliveroo. It entered the market in London in 2013. It sounded like a great idea to many restaurant owners. Gaining the ability to have their food delivered in selected areas of the capital without the need…
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How was The Private Postman founded?

In 2009 our founder and MD Mark Redmond was fired from Royal Mail after falling out with a disgruntled manager. As a result Mark decided to go to court and won his unfair dismissal case. During the process he however had to keep a roof over his head and as such he decided to go…
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