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Does letterbox advertising work?

What can you answer to a question – Does letterbox advertising work? The only possible answer is yes, if done correctly. Letterbox advertising and leaflet distribution have been with us for many years and many large profitable companies use it. This includes multi-national chains and corporations as well as local businesses. These organisations are not…
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How many leaflets can you deliver in an hour?

When asking how many leaflets can you deliver in an hour we need to first establish the type of delivery we are looking at. There are two types of leaflet distribution worth mentioning. 1. Door to door - this service guarantees delivery to a specific number of households in a pre-selected area. The leaflets are…
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How to get personal training clients?

There are two ways one can approach getting new clients using any marketing tool. You can try to build a brand and mind-share to get clients to come to you on their own or try to directly drive sales. There are many marketing techniques that will allow you to do one or the other. But…
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Does leaflet dropping work?

Asking does leaflet dropping work is similar to asking whether TV adverts work or if Google Ads are effective. The answer has to inevitably be - 'Depending on who is doing it and how well'. The approach to leaflet dropping has changed quite bit over the last 15 years. It used to be that a…
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