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Gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona

Gyms have been some of the hardest hit businesses during the London lockdown this year. The measures were in place longer for gyms than other types of business and the appetite of people to go back to gym is lower than before. Let's have a look at gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona. PPE Even…
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Leaflet distribution for personal trainers

Businesses of various sizes and types have been using leaflet distribution in London to market their products and services for decades. Small one-man-band operations all the way to multi-national chains regularly use leaflet distribution in London. Personal trainers however fall into a category that sometimes gets overlooked when it comes to leaflets. Many tend to…
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The best leaflet distribution techniques in London

Most London businesses that focus on serving their local area have been using leaflet distribution as a crucial part of their marketing efforts for decades now. Large multi-national companies as well as small local businesses use leaflet distribution to reach local residents in the areas they are targeting. We know that leaflets work. But how…
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How to target your local area with leaflet distribution

Leaflet distribution is one of the most effective tools of marketing your business to local areas in London. It provides perfect penetration of a selected area while remaining sensitive. But what is a local area and how is it defined? Let's have a look at how to target your local area with leaflet distribution. Why…
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