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How to hand out Flyers Effectively?

We all want to make sure that we are effective in what we do. Time and effort are precious commodities and wasting them is not something a good business does. If you are going to hand out flyers the logical question would be. How to hand out Flyers Effectively? First we need to make sure…
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The Most Effective way to Distribute Flyers

Most London business that are interested in serving their local area and thus targeting it with their marketing efforts use leaflet distribution But what is The Most Effective way to Distribute Flyers? What do we mean when we say effective? How can we make your flyer drops produce the best results with the least amount…
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Just how effective are flyers for your business?

Sometimes when we talk about how effective a marketing campaign or technique can be the language can get quite non-specific. On top of this when you speak to a sales person when you are looking to book a leaflet distribution campaign you will often not be presented with the individual elements that can make you…
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Do leaflet drops for January sales work?

It's the end of the year and the whole of London is shutting down before Christmas. We've just been through a multi-week period of big sales in November and people are fatigued. How can you make sure to not have your sales slump too aggressively in January? For many industries running offers and sales in…
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