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Putting together a Mail news letter:

Last week we talked about the importance of aligning your leaflet drops with your other types of marketing communication and highlighted the usefulness of a quality e-mail newsletter.  We emphasized that in terms of affluent London customers, the key word here was quality and that your newsletter needed to be created in such a way…
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Drumroll Please

Here at the Private Postman, we continually emphasize the importance of undertaking leaflet drops at regular intervals.  The idea is to create a regular and consistent mental beat to keep your company’s name in the minds of potential customers so that when they are in a buying situation they will turn to you.  These days…
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A history of Branding

Think of any well-known company and the chances are you’ll be able to picture their logo.  These days companies often put a lot of time, effort and money into creating distinctive symbols for their brand, to trigger consumer recognition.  This practice actually has a long history and the observant can find evidence of this walking…
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Taking a Step Back

The world of work is full of cliches which contradict each other.  On the one hand there’s “Nose to the grindstone” and on the other there’s “Seeing the bigger picture”.  In real life, of course, there’s truth in both, but in practical terms, especially for local business owners, it’s often easier to focus on tasks…
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