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The ultimate 2021 leafleting strategy in London part 2

In the previous instalment of this series we've discussed mostly things relating to the restrictions that are still likely to be in place for some time. There are ways of dealing with these in the context of leaflet distribution and we've mentioned some of the most important ones. Now we can talk about techniques and…
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The ultimate 2021 leafleting strategy in London part 1

We've mentioned the fact that doing business in 2020 has been a unique challenge for most London companies and sole traders many times before. Challenges and restrictions we never thought possible have become something everyone in the London business world has to contend with on daily basis. Whether you are running a restaurant, an estate…
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Should you continue with leaflet distribution during lockdown?

Most London businesses are having to deal with possibly the highest level of uncertainty in the last half a century. The idea of a large section of the economy being repeatedly and unpredictably shut down and reopened is not something anyone could have prepared for. Every business has to deal with this reality differently based…
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What is special about The Private Postman

When people discuss leaflet distribution they tend to mostly focus on the leaflet design, where the leaflets are distributed, how many they should print and what are the response rates going to be like. One thing that tends to be overlooked is the quality of the actual people making each delivery. And even though The…
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