Local Workers & Local Customers

The Private Postman leaflet distribution system

Your leaflets can get you more customers as well as more workers


We deliver to all London Postcodes (3.2 million homes)

This service is suitable for delivery apps, care homes or schools
Point 1

We can target any local areas within
London for your campaigns.
We can exclude council estates in our deliveries.

Point 2

We have the best workers and
most advanced tracking in industry.

Point 3

We deliver 750,000 leaflets a week and
we are 35% cheaper than Royal Mail.


Have you realised that local workers stay happy
Less travel = More money

Find local riders, care workers and school workers
Point 1

We have developed ground-breaking systems
to find as many local London workers
as you need. 1 or 1000.

Point 2

Your offline recruiting leaflets are presented on their own,
so your recruitment funnel is not competing
with 100s of your online competitors.

Point 3

We have exclusive methods to tap into overlooked markets
with no visa issues and local workers like no one else.

Local workers stay happy | Less travel = More money

We are London’s Leaflet Distribution & Offline Marketing Company

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