Why Leaflet Distribution Works

Why Leaflet Distribution Works

There are many ways to advertise your business, from writing blogs to running TV ads; and, of course, physical marketing such as leaflet distribution. Leaflets have been an effective form of advertising for many years, and the trend does not appear to be declining! Leaflets provide a fantastic ROI and a high chance of success, as your customers are more likely to see your message and engage with it than with other advertising channels.

Advantages of Leaflet Distribution

Leaflets offer many benefits to your business. For instance, they’re a cost-effective form of marketing that can be used alongside other types of advertising in order to maximise its effectiveness. Leaflets have a high probability of being seen by several members of the household as well.

The distribution areas can also be narrowed to a specific demographic, which means that you can easily target your right audience and not worry about wasting marketing efforts on the ‘wrong crowd’. You get higher degrees of responsiveness (like more enquiries and revenue) by targeting the right people and by capturing their attention with the right type of advertising.

But Do Leaflets Really Work?

The answer is yes, absolutely.

Many other forms of advertising, like TV or radio ads, do not have the same engagement levels as leaflets. 62% of people downright ignore those types of ads or mute or change the channel when they come on. Leaflets, on the other hand, have a proven track record.

According to a survey conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 71% of people found that the information featured on the leaflets they received is relevant to them, and 48% will even visit the store, participate in the event or purchase the product advertised. An astounding 79% of consumers will also look at the leaflet or pass it on to someone else.

These are incredible numbers that speak for themselves!

The DMA report also says that 38% of people keep the leaflets they receive for a minimum of two days in their home, further increasing their chances of being seen by more people. Another study, also by the DMA, discovered that almost 90% of customers remember a leaflet they received at a later date – a high figure that is unmatched by any other marketing channels!


The bottom line is that leaflet distribution always has the right audience in mind – and you’re not competing with as many businesses as you are online. For example, your online marketing efforts need to stand out from the crowd but, with millions of users and countless companies advertising their services at the same time and in the same platforms, this can be incredibly challenging.

Leaflets, on the other hand, target your local audience directly, away from crowded online spaces.

At The Private Postman, we care about your business, which is why we only employ the best postmen in the city! We distribute your leaflets later in the day too, so that your customers will see them first once they come home. We also track deliveries, which means that you always know where your leaflets are at all times.