The Importance of a Well-Trained Team

The Importance of a Well-Trained Team

Here at The Private Postman, we value quality service more than anything else. The key component of this? Our postmen, of course. Without their hard work, dedication and excellent training, the service we provide would not be what it is today. Every customer receives a seasoned postman to help with their campaign and gain the positive results that you are searching for.

Private Postman

So, why should you trust our postmen to get your leaflets through the doors that matter?

One-on-One Training

Unlike many other services, we don’t send our postmen out into the world unprepared for the task at hand. Every member of The Private Postman team has been personally trained by Mark Redmond, our founder and Managing Director. Mark has over ten years of service with the Royal Mail to fuel this extensive training process.

Important skills such as time management, coordination, critical thinking, orienteering and reading comprehension are all assessed and added to. All of which combine to create a superior postal service.

When you entrust your leaflet distribution to The Private Postman, you can be ensured that no letterbox will go unposted. We carefully select every one of our Postmen, as well as closely monitoring and offering a great motivation system to keep their work at the top of the game. Each Postman has an area of expertise in London, so you can be assured that your target area is as clear to them as the back of their own hands; making for a great leaflet service!


The Stats

Established in 2009, The Private Postman has had the pleasure of working with industry leaders across the London area. Our staff has a lot of experience between them, one team member having delivered a whopping 6.1 million leaflets over the course of seven years. Many checks are also carried out regularly – back checks, spot checks, Group GPS files checked, daily checks – which means the standards of our Postmen are always as high as possible.

Quality Matters

With two individual time slots that are later in the day, to help ensure people see your leaflets first when they return home from work, everything we do is planned to make the most impact. People often ask whether a solo or shared delivery is best, which will convert the most people and gain the better response?

Most solo delivery services start at 8am, which meaning they are at the bottom of the pile by the time your target audience walks through the door. Shared delivery – with non-competitors – puts you at the top of the pile, whilst also helping you to save money. This flexibility from our workers, to work later in the day, means that your business gets the attention it deserves.

Need any more reasons to choose our services? With eight years of experience, The Private Postman can’t be beaten. So, try our service today and get your leaflets delivered the right way!