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Leaflet Distribution TW8

The TW8 postcode cover the area of Brentford. It neighbours on Hanwell in the North, Osterley in the West, Kew in the South and Gunnersbury in the East. It is well connected both with Central London and other places outside the borders of the capital especially when heading out in the South Western direction. This is thanks to the Brentford and Kew Bridge train stations running the South Western Railway services and the Boston Manor tube stations providing access to the Piccadilly line that runs through central London all the way up to some most Northern Parts of the city.

One of the defining characteristics of Brentford are the green spaces and River Brent running through this area. London Playing Fields, Boston Manor Park, Swyncombe Playing Field, Syon Park with Syon House and Carville Hall Park are the most notable parks in the area. Gunnersbury Park is also easily accessible since it is located directly on the border of TW8.

The above mentioned Syon House is a 16th century estate with beautiful gardens. It used to be a home to Duke of Northumerland and the surrounding parks and gardens should not be missed.

Leaflet Distribution TW7

River Brent provides Brentford with a very specific character with many bridges and water-side properties. These tend to be mostly large apartment buildings which can be challenging to deliver to. Our mapping system is a very important for us in an area like this. We have carefully gone through each road in TW8 seeing which properties are deliverable and which are not. After that we segment the postcode into cohesive groups of approximately 5000 households that can be targeted together since they share a similar demographic.
Even though we do attempt deliveries to larger apartment complexes and our staff are very well trained to negotiate access to these places the success rate is relatively low for properties of this type. It is therefore important that this is reflected in our maps and numbers of leaflets we ask from our clients to cover an area. This makes sure that none of the leaflets are wasted and what we ask for is what we deliver.
The old system of just looking at the number of households in a given area provided by the government and making a conclusion that this is the number of leaflets one would need for the area is not applicable in most places in London. In order to provide you with the most cost-efficient service possible we have made sure that our numbers are the best in the industry and most closely reflect the situation on the ground. Any numbers that are older than a few years are basically worthless in a city like London.

A great mapping system and accurate distribution numbers are however not the only things that are important for a successful leaflet distribution campaign. We make sure that our distributors are well prepared for the work in the field to make sure to eliminate all mistakes at the point of delivery. All our Private Postmen are trained by the company director and founder Mark Redmond who is an ex-postman. We also work with many ex-postmen, knowledge educated supervisors and make sure that all our distributors have the best information at hand before they start any deliveries. We pick out delivery areas as close the the place of residence for everyone we work with to both draw on the local knowledge that our distributors have of the area surrounding their home and eliminate as much traveling for deliveries as possible. A happy work force is important to us and we make sure that our distributors are taken care of, well prepared and looked after.
We also make sure to never deliver leaflet in the rain to avoid any damage to the paper. On top of that we do not fold leaflets unless absolutely necessary. This is specifically a real advantage in affluent areas with larger homes that receive a lot of mail and advertising materials. Making sure that your leaflets are delivered in the best shape possible and can be seen from six feet away without any effort is important to us and raises the chances of your leaflet making a good impression.

When looking at the level of affluence in the areas surrounding TW8 it might be surprising to find out that the number of large properties and very affluent households is not very high. Brentford has a very different feel to some of it's neighbours like Kew, Richmond or Strawberry Hill.
It is however still very good for leaflet distribution. After using our mapping system to eliminate industrial areas and large apartment buildings we are left with a good number of very easily accessible terraced homes that are receptive to leaflet distribution and should be targeted by anyone looking to offer their services or products in South West London.