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Leaflet Distribution SW16

The SW16 postcode covers the areas of Streatham, Streatham Vale, Streatham Park and Norbury.
It neighbours on Streatham Hill in the North, Tooting and Balham in the West, Croydon in the South and West Norwood in the East. SW16 covers a large area with some 30,000 residents.
It includes a decent number of green spaces. Tooting Beck Common and the Tooting Beck Lido, Streatham Common, Norwood Grove Recreation Grounds, Norbury Park and Pollards Hill are only some of the nice green areas within the postcode. Mitcham Common which is a large park is within walking distance from some of the residences in the Southern portion of SW16.

SW16 is relatively well connected with three train stations. Streatham, Streatham Common and Norbury Station provide access to Stouthern and Thameslink service to the local residents. Some Northern Line stations like Tooting Beck or Tooting Broadway are also within walking distance. Together with a reasonable number of bus lines running through the areas and connecting SW16 with the tube lines it is a relatively easy to access part of London for many professionals working in Central London.

The local residents do not have to necessarily work in Central London though since both Crystal Palace and Croydon are both very close and they contain a number of offices and business areas.
Since SW16 covers such a large area the demographics change depending on which part of the postcode we look at.

The north-eastern part of SW16 covers the area of Streatham. East of the Streatham High Street and North of Streatham Common we'll find mostly terraced houses build in a variety of styles. There are almost no undeliverable areas here and as such it is a great place for leaflet distribution. The occasional council building or a block of flats have been taken out of our mapping system to provide the most accurate estimates of leaflets needed for actual on the ground distribution.

Leaflet Distribution SW16

If we go West of Streatham High Rd we will find a combination of nice Victorian terraced homes and an ocassional pocket of larger buildings with multiple flats. Many of these do have accessible letterboxes and as such can be included in our distribution rounds in the area. We do not automatically exclude all large blocks of flats from our system. We only disregard the ones that are impossible to access or deliver to make sure they do not distort the numbers of leaflets that are realistically possible to deliver for each area.
Due to the amount of green spaces that are lining this area there are also pockets of more affluent households and large detached homes.

Moving South to Streatham Vale and Norbury we will mostly find large spread out neighbourhoods full of terraced homes. They are mostly easy to deliver and some of the roads are lined with hundreds of homes. As such this area can take a considerable number of leaflets to fully cover. Please ask one of our experts about this area and if it is the right place for you to target with your campaign. Different products and services are more appealing to different demographics and we will be more than happy to recommend which parts of London are the right fit for you.