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Leaflet Distribution N17

The N17 postcode covers the area of Tottenham Hale. It neighbours on Edmonton in the North, Wood Green in the West, South Tottenham in the South and Higham Hill in the East. Even though Tottenham is relatively high up in North London it is still very well connected. White Hart Lane and Bruce Grove Stations provide locals the access to the Overground, Northumerland Park and Tottenham Hale Stations have the Greater Anglia services running through them and the Tottenham Hale tube station allows access to the Victoria Line. This together with a good system of bus lines running both towards the city centre and to other places in North and East London allows everyone in N17 a relatively easy access to many places around the capital.

N17 is definitely above average when compared to other London postcode when it comes to the the density of parks and green areas. The Lordship Recreation Grounds, Downhills Park, Down Lane Park, Tottenham Marshes and Bruce Castle Park are only some of the parks that can be found within N17. The Lockwood, Banbury and Walthamstow Reservoirs are all located right on the postcode border in the East.

Compared to the parts of Tottenham south of N17 this postcode has more and larger terraced homes and it's occupants are on average more affluent. This is both due to the access to the above mentioned green areas as well as some cultural landmarks like the Bruce Castle Museum. The character of the postcode is relatively uniform throughout which could be surprising due to it's size.
Leaflet Distribution N17
Most streets in N17 are lined by Victorian and Georgian Terraced houses and it can be difficult to find any properties of a different kind here. This allows for a very efficient leaflet distribution since there are relatively few businesses, inaccessible buildings and local authority housing.
These properties would be automatically excluded from our mapping system. They do however add some level of complexity when they are present in larger numbers in an area. Fortunately here (as we mentioned above) most of the roads are uniformly lined by easy to access privately owned homes.
The only challenges our distributors face here is a slightly higher than average number of stairs leading up to the homes but the situation here is far less extreme compared to some other North London postcodes like Crouch End or Highgate.
N17 is quite often overlooked by companies looking to target affluent North London households with a leafleting campaign. Due to how close it is to Tottenham and other areas that wouldn't necessarily fit the description it is easy to fit. This provides a real opportunity for anyone looking for fertile ground away from some of the competition that can accumulate in places like Highgate.
We now regularly recommend including N17 in drop for some of our larger clients and we've had fantastic results from doing so.

The ease of delivery, clean layout of the postcode, level of affluence and the fact that N17 has flown slightly under the radar when it comes to leaflet distribution all provide a perfect combination for a successful leaflet drop.