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Leaflet Distribution KT2

The KT2 postcode covers the area of Kingston. It almost exclusively covers the area of Kingston North of the Norbiton Train Station and Coomb Lane. It neighbours on KT1 in the South, Teddington in the West, Richmond in the North and Wimbledon in the East. It is a fairly large postcode with a decent variety of types of households and neighbourhoods. It can however be described as definitely greener than the average London postcode. Latchmere recreation ground, Canbury Garden, Coombe Wood Golf Club and Coombe Hill Golf Club are all within the borders of KT2. Right beyond the border we can find Richmond Park,Wimbledon Common, The Ham and Bushy Park across the river. As such it provides the locals with an amazing access to green spaces.
Leaflet Distribution KT2
The public transportation services here are however not the best. Norbiton Station can be used for access to the South Western Railway services but outside of that one has to rely on the local buses to get around. Commuting to the city is very difficult and as such a lot of the locals will be working in nearby Richmond, Kingston Upon Thames or one of the other smaller commercial hubs near KT2.

The overall demographics in KT2 are going to be on the more affluent end of the spectrum.
The North-Western part of the postcode has some of the few industrial and business oriented buildings and areas in KT2. There are not too many of those here however and most of this houses here are going to be detached or semi-detached larger homes lining the streets in hundreds. With that said the amount of industrial and business areas here is noteworthy and has been reflected both in our mapping system and our delivery numbers.

If we move South from here we will find mostly a combination of large town-houses, detached and semi-detached homes and streets lined with Victorian era terraced houses. Thanks to how clearly this areas is layed out it is absolutely perfect for leaflet distribution. Especially for businesses that are either local on non-area specific. Due to it's location KT2 is a little removed from the rest of London but it has a large number of affluent households ready to be targetted. Since KT2 is geographically slightly removed many companies that run leaflet distribution campaigns in South West London do often overlook it. Thanks to this KT2 provides a great opportunity for targetting of affluent households in South West London with relatively little competition.

The Eastern part of the postcode is much more spread out compared to the other two areas we have described above. There are many schools, Golf Courses, Sport Centres and University Buildings in this part of the postcode. There are still some places worth targetting with leaflet distribution however. Especially the streets lining the Southern border of the postcode.

KT2 is largely an untapped market for many brands looking for affluent customers in South-West London. We have mapped this postcode out in a very detailed way and regularly run campaigns here. This has given us unparalleled knowledge of a very lucrative part of London. Feel free to get in touch with us to see how a leaflet distribution campaign in KT2 could help your business.