Delivering for “keyworker” markets Now

TPP Coronavirus Business Battle Plan
TPP Coronavirus Business Battle Plan
TPP Coronavirus Business Battle Plan
Since lockdown, we have been at the forefront of the crisis, working with key worker markets such as The NHS, Pharmacy Delivery Apps and Covid-19 home testing services. Moving forward, we have also developed our reboot service for all businesses.

The Private Postman is a #Covidaware company

The Private Postman is one of London’s only ‘socially distancing compliant’ leaflets delivery companies.
TPP Coronavirus Business Battle Plan
- We use solo workers, not 5-10 man teams in vans (as other companies do)
- This means we stay socially distanced at all times.
- We post in gloves & PPE.
- Our workers live in the local delivery areas, so can walk to work, no public transport used!
Q: Which business will gain the most new clients and keep more of their existing customers after the Covid-19 crisis?
a. The business that is fully Covid-19 compliant and keeps their clients fully informed?
b. The business that said and did nothing during the pandemic?
Tell your existing and potential new clients that you are #Covidaware and are safe to deal with!
TPP Coronavirus Business Battle Plan

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Thanks and stay safe!
Mark and the team @TPP
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