Gyms Schools & Churches

Gyms, Schools & Churches

The Private Postman works with many gym chains, boutique gyms and Pilates centres, as well as London’s finest yoga studios, private and public schools, colleges, education services and landmark churches.

The reason why these clients choose to use our service is that unlike digital marketing, physical leaflets cannot be blocked by ad blockers and other content filters. A well-designed leaflet, therefore, gives organizations the opportunity to engage with customers in their own home. A leaflet can also be kept for later reference much more easily than digital adverts.

People live in the real world; the letter box is part of that real world.

Boom Cycle is one of London's coolest gyms. We run distribution campaigns for them regularly.
Virgin has been a great partner of ours and we've done a number of leaflet distribution campaigns for them.

Leaflet Distribution for Gyms, Schools and Churches

Creating a successful marketing campaign

There are 3 steps to creating a successful marketing campaign:


Perfect Design

The leaflet has to be designed perfectly.  We offer a pre-print consultation to fix any issues with leaflet design before our customers go to the expense of paying for a print run.

If needed our team of in-house experts can also design your leaflet from scratch and use our industry contacts to get you a very affordable deal on printing.


Target the right areas

Target the right areas for distribution. Our unrivaled knowledge of London and our bespoke mapping system are going to help you plan your distribution and to focus on the right areas with the appropriate target demographic


Repeat the leaflet drop

Repeat the leaflet drop at least once, four to six weeks after the first distribution round is finished.

This last point is absolutely crucial.  It is better to deliver to a smaller area twice than a larger area just once.  Generally speaking it takes two rounds of delivery to start to make a meaningful impact and many of our customers choose to deliver at four-to-six-weekly intervals all year round.