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Food Franchises

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The Food Apps

It can be difficult for a quality restaurant or take-away to stand out while listed next to all their competition on a standard food ordering app. To communicate your own branding through a small picture on a smartphone screen while competing with hundreds of others for customer’s attention is almost impossible.

“From our client’s research we have found that most customers place their orders from 6pm - 10pm.
The main reason they order is because they have just arrived home from work and would like relax with a meal and a glass of wine’

In this situation navigating through a variety of apps and endless listings is not something everyone wants to do and that is why 35-46% of customers still order their take-away from a delivery menu by making a phone call. (based on research some of our largest clients have conducted for their businesses).

Dealing with all of this while giving 15% commission on every order to a 3rd party company and giving up the relationship with your customer built through personal interaction is not an ideal scenario.

We also know that on top of this, local restaurants are paying large sums to companies for a top listing on their app on a weekly basis and  often even have their Google search results negatively affected by the same company.

It may appear the app companies are more interested in building ‘their own brand’ and actively trying to get your clients to comeback to ‘their service’ rather than have any of your customers ever phone your specific restaurant.

“It’s time for you to take ‘back control’ over your business! “

We want your customers to call your phone and visit only your website and give you 100% of your income!

With only 5000 menus delivered a week rotating around your own delivery area - you can talk directly to your customer base in your local area and keep complete control over your branding and company image.

We want to help build your brand and have clients talk directly to you. We never deliver your leaflets with any of your competition; therefore we effectively give you exclusivity for given areas.

Did You Know?


That 35-46% of orders still comes from delivery menus for many famous chains and restaurants even though they are using food ordering apps.


Repeating your leafleting drops in the same area multiple times a year significantly increases response rates. Around every 8 -12 weeks is an ideal.


The Private Postman delivers 8 million leaflets for large food chains as well as many small local restaurants.

How we can help you

We have been conducting leafleting campaigns for restaurants and takeaways on a regular basis since the inception of the company 8 years ago. New ways of marketing for local restaurants have come and gone but delivering a beautiful menu to a customer’s home has consistently been the best way to build a personal connection between your restaurant and the hungry residents in your area.

The experience of regularly dealing with distribution of up to 300 000 menus a week for various food franchises has allowed us to develop systems that make planning, ordering and tracking of campaigns for our food-related clients incredibly easy.

For smaller clients we offer a bespoke experience...

of planning campaigns ranging between 5000-40, 000 menus with intelligent targeting of the best areas and well-thought-through repeated drops to maximize local brand recognition and response rates.

For larger companies, multi-branch franchises and heavy users of leafleting…

we offer our system of ‘Branch Distribution Packs’. We supply custom made folders with our mapping system, specific area research and step-by-step order instruction for each individual branch of your franchise. By collecting and organizing all this information for you, we give local branch-managers the ability to make confident decisions about their leafletting efforts individually. At the same time your central control will have copies of these Distribution Packs which makes overseeing and ‘big picture’ planning very easy and confusion-free.

In short we can provide you with all the help you need to create effective menus and to decide where to focus your delivery.