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Make me hungry, the new restaurant menu system that creates local demand

Over the last 5 years we have seen nothing short of a kitchen revolution now with many Dark kitchen’s operating just as successfully as traditional units.The delivery apps that were already oversubscribed PRE COVID, are now busting to the seams with every man and his dog selling food and anything that can be delivered.So what’s the answer to all the madness and how do we get an edge when everyone is dong the same things in the same places in the same old old ways?
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How we create hunger only for your food and your brand.


How we drive traffic directly to your profile on the apps you use.


How our TPPM - Offline expertise is taking over ‘the new ONLINE!’

You have a choice for 'off-app promotions'



Deliver your old-style delivery menus

An example of a delivery menu

But the problem is...

People will still order via one of the
delivery apps you’re on.


Make me hungry

Works differently
(See examples of our designs below)

An example of a delivery menuAn example of a delivery menu
Our delivery menus and dine-in promotions
are designed to create additional demand and to

Make your area hungry only for your food

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How many new staff/riders do you need?

We have a new system to tap into 1.5m overlooked
workers with no visa issues already living in London.

We will find you local workers or riders from £220+VAT

Dominate your delivery area and find new workers

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