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Estate Agents Leaflet Distribution

It may be hard for quality estate agents to distinguish themselves from their competition on large national websites and apps. This environment, where all estate agents are listed side by side, takes away the identity of individual businesses and brands and limits the control you have over the way you communicate with your potential customers.

Having a full oversight over the design of your own leaflet and timings of intelligent and organized leafletting campaigns allows you to consistently conduct your marketing efforts with complete control over your brand and image.

You can talk to your customers through your physical leaflet in their own home, build and maintain local presence, distinguish yourself from your competition and communicate your message exactly the way you want.

Trusted by large and small…

Over the years we are proud to have worked with the following..

The Private Postman: Local Experts in ‘Spec. Road’ Delivery


Over the years we have worked with London’s finest Estate Agents and have developed a comprehensive service to cater to clients of all sizes.

Most agents occasionally need only one or two thousand leaflets delivered in specific roads.

Our TPP Spec. Road Delivery service is designed to accommodate this type of micro-campaign and make the process of booking and executing completely seamless.


We divide this service into two categories


Standard – Using our mapping system you mark the roads for delivery. We pick up your leaflets within 24 hours of your order and deliver within 5 days.

Premium – You only email us the names of the roads for delivery. We pick up your leaflets within 24 hours of your order and deliver within 2 days.


The Private Postman: Mass Drop Delivery


Ever since The Private Postman was founded, we have specialized in mass drop delivery. We are well equipped to handle weekly drops of 5000 - 200,000 leaflets.

We will supply you with our TPP Distribution Packs and all you have to do is let us know how many leaflets you would like to have delivered on a weekly basis. If needed, we are happy to help you plan the exact areas to cover and the order and time frame in which they should be completed.


The Benefits of a Quarterly Mass Drop:


- Constant brand awareness over your whole territory.

- Keeping potential clients regularly updated about your news.

- Gaining the edge over your local competition

For smaller clients we offer a bespoke experience


We are happy to help with planning leaflet delivery campaigns in London of between 5000 - 30,000 leaflets with intelligent targeting of the most appropriate areas and suitably-timed repeat drops to maximize local brand recognition and response rates.

For larger companies, and multi-office chains


We supply custom-made folders with our TPP Distribution Packs to every local branch with a duplicate set to head office.

Our system makes it simple for any head office to communicate with each branch in your network.

Our packs include research on specific areas and step-by-step order instructions for each individual branch in your franchise.

By collecting and organizing all this information for you, we give you the ability to have local branch managers handle their leafleting campaigns individually or to have a single person oversee and plan everything directly from your head office.

We never deliver your leaflets with any of your competition; therefore we effectively give you exclusivity for given areas. We deliver your leaflets in perfect condition every time using the best system in London while giving you absolute control over how you want to deliver your message and branding.

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