Council Leaflet Distribution

London's only council house leaflet distribution service
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Over the last twelve years, The Private Postman has built up a perfect leaflet delivery service all over high-end, affluent London. Now we’ve developed a new, phenomenally successful bespoke council house service.Until now, only Royal Mail could access council properties, but Royal Mail only deliver in whole postal sectors. So, if you want to deliver to 30,000 council homes, you must also deliver to everyone else. That’s around 250,000 extra houses, making it ridiculously expensive - a waste of paper and money.

Council house leaflet distribution creates a lot of problems…
1: Entry
most blocks are on coded locks and no normal leaflet delivery company can guarantee entry (trade buttons are no longer in use).
2: It takes far longer to deliver
making it far more expensive that normal leaflet delivery (beware of cheap quotes).
3: The logistics
the technicalities of running a system that is both checkable and trackable is a massive problem.
The Private Postman has developed a
system that overcomes all of these issues.
We can deliver you across 45 London postcodes to 100,000 council homes and in every London borough.

With the Private Postman’s system, we go direct to the council homes and only the council homes. Everything we do is fully tracked with GPS and weekly updates.
This has already proved itself a ground-breaking and extraordinarily successful for our clients who want council delivery.

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