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Why You Should Manage Your Marketing Like You Manage Your Business

If you’re reading this, the chances are you own a small business or are involved with a community organization.  If it’s going well, then the chances are you are managing it well and, as part of good management, you are aware of the importance of advertising and marketing.  What you may not have realized is…
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Brexit and TPP

It’s now the morning after the week before and while winds of change are indisputably blowing, people and businesses are starting to accept the reality of the situation and settle down.  Since TPP customers are as likely as anyone else to be wondering what effect this is going to have on their business, we thought…
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Taking A Leaf out of Apple’s Book

Apple is one of our reference companies for marketing excellence and they’re the only company we know, who can actually charge substantial sums of money for the privilege of being allowed to attend a sales event.  Each of the attendees at the company’s 2016 World Wide Developers Conference paid $1600 for a ticket to what…
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Koppaberg and the importance of location-based marketing

Back in 1987 Peter Bronsman had a nearly-fatal accident, which led him to change his life.  As a result of it, he decided life was too short just to play safe and left a job which paid the bills to take the risk of doing what he loved.  Heading back to his native Sweden, he…
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