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Sainsbury’s – A Lesson in Rebranding

A wise man learns from other people, both what they do well and what they do badly.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at this week’s hot topic in marketing – Sainsbury’s reworking of its lunchtime meal deal. If you belong to the school of thought which says all publicity is good publicity,…
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Alternative tube maps

Here at TPP we love maps in general and are particularly proud of our TPP proprietary mapping system.  We always enjoy looking at new maps of London, including the Tube and so when we heard that TFL had released a new Tube map, we thought we would take a look and it set us thinking…
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A Wise Person Learns from the Mistakes of Others – KFC Fail

We’re all for creativity in marketing and we understand that companies, like people, have to be prepared to try out new possibilities and accept the fact that sometimes the result will be different from what they would have liked, occasionally we read about marketing campaigns which we have to put under the heading of “Who,…
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Putting together a Mail news letter:

Last week we talked about the importance of aligning your leaflet drops with your other types of marketing communication and highlighted the usefulness of a quality e-mail newsletter.  We emphasized that in terms of affluent London customers, the key word here was quality and that your newsletter needed to be created in such a way…
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