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The 3 keys to leaflet distribution according to The Private Postman

A successful leaflet distribution campaign relies on relatively few principles that however need to be adhered to and not compromised on. When a fleet of 50-100 distributors is delivering on daily basis and large amounts of money are spent it's those principles that allow us to run effective and efficient campaigns regularly. It is important…
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Speed of Leaflet Distribution

One topic that often comes up when talking to new clients about leaflet distribution are questions about the speed of delivery. There are a few systems that a leaflet distribution company can put in place and depending on the delivery times will depend on precisely the way deliveries are organized. The way we operate at…
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Thing to keep in mind when booking a leaflet distribution campaign

Timed Offers and Events. Timed offers: We recommend that any offer advertised on your leaflet runs for at least 6-8 weeks after the completion of delivery. Please inform us about any offers printed on your leaflets and the exact dates they are applicable to. Events: If you are organizing an event and want us to…
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Leaflet distribution in challenging areas

There are many challenges that any leaflet distribution company has to deal with when delivering leaflets around London. There are areas that are difficult to navigate due to a large number of winding roads and confusing mewses. Other areas pose more difficulties due to the numbers of households that are either in inaccessible buildings with…
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