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Category Archives: Quality Assurance

Why is repetition important in leaflet distribution?

Every leaflet distribution campaign stands on four pillars. A quality design, well selected area for distribution, properly executed delivery and repetition. A lot of attention is generally devoted to the first three aspect mentioned above and repetition is often overlooked. It is however one of the most important things to consider for anyone looking into…
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What is the best way to track a leaflet distribution campaign

We often hear questions from potential clients in the vein of - How do I know that our leaflets will get delivered and not thrown away? - How can I be sure that all my leaflet have been delivered as agreed? At The Private Postman, we run all the typical preventative systems you would expect…
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Leaflet distribution in difficult areas

The importance of hiring a competent leaflet distribution company comes into play especially when running campaigns in areas with challenging terrain. There are multiple variables that can make delivering leaflets a difficult job. Some of the more impactful are 1. Difficult terrain Some areas of London (Like Highgate for example) are built on rather hilly…
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The Importance of a Well-Trained Team

Here at The Private Postman, we value quality service more than anything else. The key component of this? Our postmen, of course. Without their hard work, dedication and excellent training, the service we provide would not be what it is today. Every customer receives a seasoned postman to help with their campaign and gain the…
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