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Category Archives: Marketing

Why do we offer free design consultations?

The design of your leaflet is largely responsible for the success of your campaign. We tend to include the format and size of your leaflet as well as the type of paper we use for printing in this category. We at The Private Postman have always looked for every possible technique we can use to…
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Rules and Axioms in Leaflet Distribution

Rules in Leaflet Distribution Leaflet distribution can be a relatively straight forward way to market and advertise your services or products. With that said there are some undeniable rules that need to be adhered to and can often be overlooked. Rule no.1 – Keep it local Delivering leaflets only in your local area or in…
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How our GPS system works?

We at The Private Postman are very proud of our tracking system. For the longest time knowing exactly where and how your leaflets have been distributed was one of the biggest challenges in leaflet distribution. Our multi layered tracking system makes this a thing of the past. Our clients know exactly where, when and by…
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The Restaurant Leaflet Distribution System

The Restaurant leaflet distribution system The Private Postman has been at the forefront of leaflet marketing in London for over ten years, owned and run by ex-Royal Mail postman and marketing expert of 20 years, Mark Redmond. Mark has studied the problems caused by the recent rise of delivery food apps and is now launching the…
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