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Category Archives: Leaflet Distribution

Destroying the Myth of Solo Delivery

Solo or shared delivery? Questions about the effectiveness of these two delivery methods are one of the most common things we encounter when talking to new clients. There is a definite financial advantage to running a shared delivery service but is there a boost in quality of delivery or impressions when the leaflet is delivered…
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Leaflet Distribution for Small Companies

Smaller companies require a specific approach from their leaflet distribution company when planning and executing campaigns. We at The Private Postman understand the unique challenges small business deal with and the level to which every pound spend on promotion has to work. Some of the aspects of our service that are especially valuable to smaller…
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Leaflet Distribution for Large Companies

We at The Private Postman understand that delivering leaflets for companies of different sizes brings unique challenges. A national chain of restaurants will require a different set of services and information from a small local bakery. This is not only dictated by the number of leaflets delivered for each campaign but also leaflet design, level…
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