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Is leaflet distribution worth it in 2020? Part 3

In this third and last installment of our discussion on the effectiveness of London leaflet distribution in 2020 we are going to dive into which coronavirus precautions businesses should take and how to use leaflet distribution to inform your clients of the fact that your services are safe to use. Most businesses will be keeping…
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Is leaflet distribution worth it in 2020? Part 2

In the first part of the this blog we discussed whether leaflet distribution is a good marketing tool in the current environment in London 2020. We mentioned that the fact that leaflets can be delivered during lockdown whether intermittent or long term, the fact that they allow you to reach every single household in a…
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Is leaflet distribution worth it in 2020? Part 1

As we are writing this blog in July it is clear that 2020 has been and will continue to be a challenging year for business. Most customer facing businesses in London have been shut down for three to four months and only now are able to partially reopen. The traditional businesses that focus on serving…
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Builders and handymen after Coronavirus

Due to the uncertain future and regulations that might be introduced as a response to the behaviour of the virus going forward most companies will be keeping some form of social distancing and PPE use in place. These procedures will be especially important for London companies that focus on services in the homes of their…
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