Leaflet Distribution in Bloomsbury WC1

Who lives in Bloomsbury WC1?

Bloomsbury began to be a fashionable part of London in the 17th century when the Russell family developed it into the elegant and open area we would recognize today. It's long been synonymous with culture, particularly literature, being home to the famous Bloomsbury Set (including Virginia Woolf) and the Bloomsbury publishing company, which still has an office there. These days over two thirds of residents are 44 or under and very few of them have children. Over half are of households are single-person households with about another quarter being couples. Less than half of the local population describe themselves as being associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and average income is only slightly higher than the London average.

In other words Bloomsbury is a part of London where there are wide divergences in income so it's important to make sure that your leaflets go to the right people. Famous residents past and present include J.M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan), Charles Dickens, Ricky Gervais and Bob Marley (albeit only for 6 months).

What is the character of Bloomsbury?

A time traveller from the 18th century or later would probably adapt very quickly to finding their way around modern Bloomsbury, although they'd be likely to get quite a shock at the Brunswick Centre. This has been dividing opinions since it was built although it has officially had Grade II listed status since the year 2000. Those who admire modern architecture often view it as a masterpiece. Those who don't see it as an eyesore.

Bloomsbury is still very much an artistic and highly-cultured area with numerous famous institutions and is also a centre of education, with RADA and SOAS both being centred here along with numerous London branches of U.S. colleges and many other educational establishments.

Naturally the area is popular with students and those in creative professions. It's also popular with other professionals who want to be within easy distance of London's business premises and other attractions but still have some breathing space. Although Bloomsbury is an area where very few people have their own gardens, the garden squares for which the area is famous helps bring a sense of space and tranquillity and in better weather are hugely popular being used as everything from study areas to places for impromptu parties.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Bloomsbury WC1?

The TPP proprietary mapping system is a hugely useful tool for effective leaflet delivery in Bloomsbury. This is an area where it is possible to waste a lot of leaflets and thereby time and money.

Likewise the fact that affluent customers tend to be in the older houses, i.e. the ones with lots (and lots) of stairs means it is absolutely imperative that you have a partner you can trust to fulfil their leaflet delivery promise.

Finally your leaflet has to make the desired impact on the recipient. This is a combination of astute design and perfect delivery every time. TPP can help you with the former if you wish – and guarantees the latter.

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