The problems with digital marketing

The problems with digital marketing

Digital marketing has largely taken over many industries over the last 5-10 years. Social media, search engines and industry-specific apps can be great tools but they also bring their own challenges.

Let's have a look at what are the problems with digital marketing and how can you sidestep these and market your London business locally.

Search Engines

Having your business come up on top listings in google can be very valuable. The process of getting to this position can sometimes take years and SEO companies charge upwards of £2000 per month.

This is a huge expense and it doesn't even include the initial analysis of keywords, competition and campaign plans let alone pay per click advertising.

The problems with digital marketing

On top of this frequent changes in Google's algorithm shake up results regularly and even the most experienced SEO practitioners work largely on feel and cannot guarantee results even when charging mid to high 4-figure monthly fees.

This can be a real problem.

This doesn't mean that google is not worth paying attention to. However there might be better options for local businesses in London to spend their marketing budgets.

Making sure you get efficient use out of your marketing budgets is one of the problems with digital marketing you need to pay attention to.

Trade Specific Apps

The world of delivery restaurants and real estate together with other business niches has been largely taken over by trade specific apps. Food delivery apps have for example completely changed the way restaurants operate in London and brought new problems to this space.

These apps tend to not encourage businesses to build their branding on the platform since the main brand they are selling is their own.

They keep images of businesses that are listed on them small and focus on creating barely curated lists of local businesses.

It is questionable how well you can stand out on a page full of your local competitors.

It would not be wise to completely ignore some of the services these apps can offer you. Allowing for your food to be delivered to your clients without you having to keep a fleet of drivers for example can be great.

But maybe there is a better way to drive traffic to your app profile than paying to climb in the listing on your app of choice.

The solution? Leaflet Distribution

If you are looking to develop local mind-share and notoriety or drive traffic to your trade specific app profile leaflet distribution can be an excellent tool. Especially if you are running a London business that focuses and serves your local area.

For and equivalent of a low-level SEO expert monthly retainer you can deliver 50,000-70,000 leaflets to carefully selected household in your area that match the demographic groups of your ideal customer every month.

You can keep your branding consistent on your leaflets this to make sure that when anyone in your local area thinks about the service you are offering you will be the first name to come up.

This can also be used to drive traffic to your app profile and website which also has a big impact on the online ranking of both of these platforms. On top of this a reputable company like The Private Postman can offer customer service at a level that is hard to match.

We offer free design consultations and help you plan your drops very carefully. We also offer multiple ways of tracking your deliveries and regular easy to understand updates.

We hope that you understand the the problems with digital marketing a little better now. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a leaflet distribution campaign please feel free to get in touch with us here.