The best way to get tuition students in London

The best way to get tuition students in London

Whether you are running a school, an after-school program, study group or give private lessons. You know that finding students in London can be a real challenge. Let's have a look at the best way to get tuition students in London using leaflet distribution.

The best way to get tuition students in London

The techniques described below will apply whether your students are children, teens or adults. They work universally.

Define your demographics

Based on the type of tuition you are offering and the prices you are charging you can quite easily define the demographic group that best describes your target customers.

You will be looking to target a different type of student if you are offering weekly math lessons for teens or requalification courses for parents coming to the workforce after parental leave.

We at The Private Postman always have a careful conversation with our clients before booking a leaflet distribution campaign making sure we help you define exactly who your target students should be.

Our mapping system then allows us to locate the exact places in London where we can find them.

We know which areas in London have a high proportion of young families with children, older couples and other groups. We will define exactly where these areas are and further narrow them down based on the accessibility from your location and transport links.

Design with your students in mind

The best way to get tuition students in London is to design your marketing materials with their preferences in mind. If you are mainly aiming at parents of younger children make sure you include your dbs checks and other credentials.

If you are after mature students we can help you get creative with communicating your message as clearly as possible.
The best way to get tuition students in London

We at the Private Postman have an in-house design team on hand and thanks to that we can help guide you through the whole process.

There are many small details in leaflet design that might not be immediately obvious that an experienced eye catches right away.

There is no point in having the perfect plan for your leaflet distribution campaign and executing it flawlessly if your design is not right.

We go as far as carefully selecting the paper weight and finish we will be printing your leaflets on to make sure it helps communicate your message.

Deliver again and again

Most marketing methods rely on repeated exposure. Whether we are talking about TV, facebook, Youtube or magazine ads. They tend to work when you are exposed to them more than once. Leaflet distribution is no different.

The best way to get tuition students in London

However the one unique things about leaflet deliveries is that you can define exactly how many times you have your leaflets delivered and how long you wait between each delivery.

This helps you completely eliminate the over-saturation issue where your customers see your ads too many times (TV and youtube are the most guilty of this).

We help you plan repeated drops to the most carefully selected households with a perfectly designed leaflet.

As you can imagine when these campaigns are planned for the best times in the year for you to get new students (September, October, January...) leaflet distribution truly becomes the best way to get tuition students in London.

If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a campaign get in touch with us here.