Small business marketing in London

Small business marketing in London

Small businesses have to be especially careful when it comes to marketing. Any pound that is not spend productively is a serious loss and in an extremely competitive place like London no waste can be accepted.

Let's have a look at small business marketing in London and how leaflet distribution fits into this.

Small business marketing in London


Small business marketing in London

Most small businesses we work with at The Private Postman are small companies targeting their local areas or areas with well defined demographics within a certain radius.

Leaflet distribution happens to be the ultimate local area brand-awareness building tool. Small businesses have been using leaflet distribution for decades now to reach their local customers.

This is actually even more of a case now since leaflet distribution methods have gotten more sophisticated and targeted.

Small business marketing in London


Almost any marketing method will benefit from repeated exposure. TV ads get seen repeatedly as well as print advertising or online facebook and Youtube ads. Rarely do you come across a marketing medium that relies on a single impression.

Leaflet distribution is now in the same category as the above mentioned. Due to modern distribution techniques we can deliver your leaflets to the same households repeatedly.

We can do this with pre-defined rest periods between each drop and use a different design every time.

Delivering your leaflets to every single household in your local area multiple times in a row with differing designs over the period of 8 weeks leading up to a crucial time of year is a good methods of marketing. That should be obvious.

Small business marketing in London

Keep consistent branding

Small business marketing in London

Small business marketing in London has to be based on professionally done and consistent design work.

Small businesses often tend to either do their graphic design themselves or use various freelancers.
This can work for a limited period of time but what tends to be the result is an inconsistency in the design and branding image.

Using different fonts and colours on your physical marketing compared to your online presence can be a real issues especially if you are focusing on developing brand-awareness in your local area rather than try to get s quick sale.

Small business marketing in London

No waste

As we've mentioned above in a competitive place like London no small business can afford to waste money on ineffective marketing.

In the context of leaflet distribution you want to make sure that you pick a distribution company that has a detailed mapping system that excludes all local authority addresses, businesses and large blocks of flats that are undeliverable.

While many companies just look up the number s of households per postcode and put these on their system many of these homes will not be deliverable. This results in you overprinting and wasting your marketing budget. Make sure to pick a company that has addressed this issue.

We hope that this article about small business marketing in London has been informative. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a leaflet distribution campaign please feel free to get in touch with us here.