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Restaurant leaflet delivery in 2020

Restaurant leaflet delivery in 2020

Restaurants have been some of the most affected businesses in 2020. The restrictions that we've all had to deal with have had different effects on different industries but food services have undoubtedly had one of the toughest challenges to contend with.

Let's have a look at restaurant leaflet delivery in 2020.

One of the fundamental questions to ask and answer when talking about leaflet distribution is going to be why even deliver leaflets in this climate. What are the advantages and why not just keep all marketing online.

While online marketing can be effective it tends to be a real challenge for restaurants. The common channels of approach like instagram are very crowded and the delivery apps leave much to be desired in terms of brand recognition and control of your message.

Leaflets allow you to target a very specific area in London and reach every single household within it. There is no technological barrier that your clients have to get over and since we run exclusive deliveries (we will never deliver your leaflets together with other competing businesses in a given week) you don't need to compete in a crowded vector.

The areas of London that you will be selecting are generally going to be based on your delivery reach. You get to design a perfect A5 leaflet with the best images of your best dishes and get these reliably into every household in your delivery area.

Restaurant leaflet delivery in 2020
Restaurant leaflet delivery in 2020

The advantage of this should be obvious. A physical connection with your customers is still important and it plays a role in the effectiveness of leaflet distribution in London. Restaurant leaflet delivery in 2020 is about perfect design, quality paper and well targeted deliveries.

If a good amount of your business has been pushed onto the delivery apps through the developments in the food business in London over the last 5 years or through the recent government restrictions, leaflet distribution is still a great choice for your marketing.

The leaflets can tell your clients to find you on your app of choice. If you are present on the delivery apps you know how difficult it is to stand out in a list of all of your competitors where everyone gets a 1x1cm icon to presents themselves.

Restaurant leaflet delivery in 2020
Restaurant leaflet delivery in 2020

If you want to compete in the rankings the only way to do so is to pay the app overlords extra and one doesn't have to be a business mastermind to understand that this is not s sustainable businesses model.

By delivering your leaflets with excellent food pictures to well selected areas of London and households within it, communicating with your customers and building brand loyalty towards your business not a multinational food delivery app you can operate through lockdowns and into the future.

London is a competitive place and in 2020 it has become a very difficult place to run a restaurant business. Leaflet distribution can be one of the techniques you can use to get back the direct connection with your local area and clients.

We hope that this blog about restaurant leaflet delivery in 2020 has been informative. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a leaflet distribution campaign in London please feel free to get in touch with us here.