Reopening a Toy Shop after lockdown

Reopening a Toy Shop after lockdown

Any toy shop owner or manager knows that parents are very protective of their children. Most parents are not willing to take chances with their children's health and this obviously extends to their choice of toy purchases.

Let's see what a local Toy Shop can do to ensure parents that their services are safe to use. Here are some of the strategies for reopening a toy shop after lockdown in London.

Whether you are selling artisanal, hand-made or more mass produced toys it will be absolutely crucial to inform all your customers that you are sticking to strict hygiene standards.

The use of PPE and regular cleaning of all your stock and shop will be essential following the easing of the lockdown.

Reopening a Toy Shop after lockdown

All of these ideas will of course extend to model shops, board game shops an collectible card game shops also.

It is important that as you go through the effort of regularly disinfecting the products you are selling as well as the environment in the shops to inform all your clients that you are doing so.

This is where some subtle additions to your marketing will be very useful.

We at The Private Postman have developed a series of graphics and logos that we allow all our clients to use on all of their marketing materials. You can see the logos here.

Reboot Plan

You can download them here

These logos are designed to fit well on a leaflet but can be used on any marketing material or website. The reason why we specifically focus on leaflet distribution is because we believe it's one of the most useful tools for marketing most businesses in London.

Reopening a Toy Shop after lockdown

Reopening a toy shop after lockdown will be a challenging prospect.

Even though people in London tend to be a little less tentative to go back to their normal work and shopping habits compared to smaller towns it is still important that you let all of your local area know that you are reopening.

Many businesses have not survived the prolonged lockdown we've had to deal with.

As such it is imperative that everyone in your local London area knows that you are ok and open for business.

Leaflet distribution is a great tool for this.

The fundamental advantage of leaflet distribution is the fact that everyone within reasonable distance of your shop can have a physical piece of advertising delivered to their home informing them of the fact you are open for business, your offers and/or events.

Reopening a Toy Shop after lockdown

On each leaflet you can include graphics and logos clearly stating that you are taking the virus situation seriously, taking all precautions and following government guidelines.

On top of this you can use modern leaflet distribution techniques that allow you us to deliver a segmented or repeated distribution campaign where we deliver your leaflets to the same area multiple times while keeping strict rest periods between each drop.

This way you are informing everyone in your local area that you are back in business, you do so repeatedly but sensitively and ensure them that your shop is safe to buy from. This is something that could be extremely difficult to do using other marketing methods.

Leaflet distribution is uniquely efficient in some forms of marketing and this is especially true following the lockdown.

We hope that this blog about reopening a toy shop after lockdown in London has been helpful. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a campaign please get in touch with us here.