Reopening a cleaning business after coronavirus

Reopening a cleaning business after coronavirus

Businesses across the spectrum have been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 and the following lockdown measures. Specifically businesses that focus on the home and visiting clients in their houses have been mostly shutdown completely.

Let's have a look at some important things to consider when reopening a cleaning business after coronavirus.

Everyone that is successful in the private cleaning business in London knows that sensitivity is required when people let you in their homes.

As cleaners we are entering a persons household where their children and families live and keep their possessions. It is entirely clear why a certain level of sensitivity is expected and required.
Reopening a cleaning business after coronavirus
This is going to apply even more now that the lockdown rules in the UK are easing and cleaning businesses are going back to work. People will be much more careful about who, when and under what conditions they let in their homes.

The best thing one can do when reopening a cleaning business after coronavirus is to incorporate strict safety protocols and inform ones potential and current clients about this fact.

We at The Private Postman London have developed a variety of logos and graphics for exactly this purpose. All our clients are welcome to use the graphics for free on their leaflets as well as other marketing materials, websites and in print.

Reopening a cleaning business after coronavirus

(Feel free to download all our Anti-Covid logos here)

Including references to the new safety protocols that are in place in your business on your marketing materials will be crucial going forward and Leaflet distribution is perfect for this.

Including a few logos on a large A5 leaflet will not distract from your main message but will be clearly visible. The main message should fundamentaly be the fact that you are still in business, ready to trade with the subtext that your services are safe to use.

Many local businesses have not survived the prolonged lockdown period and as a result it is important that you let everyone in your local area know that you are open for trade.

New Rules For Businesses Post Coronavirus

One of the main advantages of Leaflet distribution is the fact that it can guarantee your message getting to every single household in your local area or a London area that is relevant to you.

On top of this with modern distribution methods you can choose to target the same area with multiple deliveries with clearly defined break periods in between.

This way you can sensitively but repeatedly remind everyone in your local area of your existence, develop mindshare and be in complete control about the number of impressions your leaflets get.

This is crucial as repeated exposure is crucial in marketing but many other methods of promotion do not allow you to clearly control the amount of time your potential clients see your marketing.

Leaflet distribution can now allow you to do so and we've seen fantastic results thanks to this development in the industry.

When you select your London area carefully, design your leaflets well and deliver them in a way that guarantees repeated exposure your customer acquisition and response rates can go through the roof.

Modern leaflet distribution methods combined with good communication about the safety protocols on place in your business are the way to get back into trading and dominate your local area.

We hope that this blog about our thoughts on reopening a cleaning business after coronavirus in London has been helpful. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a leaflet distribution campaign with please get in touch here..