Rebooting your restaurant business after lockdown

Rebooting your restaurant business after lockdown

The restaurant business is probably the hardest hit segment of the economy in the current pandemic. This is especially true in a place like London due to the high rents and running costs restaurant owners and managers have to deal with.

The lockdown has effectively shut down most restaurants and forced everyone to rely on food delivery.

Let's have a look at rebooting your restaurant business after lockdown.

Leaflet distribution

Rebooting your restaurant business after lockdown

We believe that using leaflet distribution to market your restaurant is going to be the most practical move when rebooting after lockdown for most establishments in London.

There are many reasons for this.

Leaflet distribution lets you to talk to your local area in a format you control.

You don't have to fight for placements on food delivery apps or go to battle with your local competition using 1x1cm image on the phone.

You can print a beautiful A5 leaflet with an amazing picture of your best dish together with your branding at the forefront and choose the way you want your restaurant to be presented.

We at The Private Postman have an in house team that specialises in design and we even have a photographer available to visit your premises to take the photos of your food to feature on your leaflets.

Rebooting your restaurant business after lockdown

When this is done correctly and your leaflet is delivered to your local area multiple times with careful breaks between each drop you can develop mind-share in a way that is unique to leaflet distribution.

Proactively reminding your local area that you are the best Italian/Chinese/Burger restaurant around using high quality leaflets is hard to beat when it comes advertising methods.

Food delivery

Whether you choose to use one of the many food delivery apps that are available now or operate your own delivery system - food delivery will be even more important going forward than it has been in recent years.

It is likely that people in London will be partial to staying at home and ordering-in for at least the next few months and most likely for the rest of the year.

If you use a food delivery app you can include your app of choice on your leaflets and sidestep your competition by generating traffic to your profile using a high quality physical flyer featuring either your menu or a great image of one of your dishes.

Competing for ranking positions in the search results in these apps can be very expensive and of dubious effectiveness since you are still listed next to all of your local competition with little ability to stand out.

This is not the case on a leaflet since you control every aspect of the design.

Rebooting your restaurant business after lockdown

Whether we like it or not advertising food delivery in London will be crucial to rebooting your restaurant business after lockdown and leaflet distribution is perfect for this.

The restaurant business is tough an historically has had a very high rate of failure. People however need to it and restaurants are not going anywhere.

Good food is important for a mirriad of reasons and in times of struggle it can be of great comfort.

There will be ways to make sure that your London restaurant will thrive going forward and leaflet distribution could be one of the elements that can help you achieve that.

We hope that this blog about rebooting your restaurant business after lockdown has been helpful. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a campaign please get in touch with us here.