Private Tutors and local marketing

Private Tutors and local marketing

As the situation in 2020 develops further one thing can be said for sure. Private tutoring is going to become an even larger part of the way people are going to be educating themselves and their children going forward.

Let's have a look at private tutors and local marketing in London.

As many universities are moving some courses online and cancelling others many adults will be choosing to do their extra education privately.

The same might apply to their children as catching up with the missed lessons from the first half of the year will be difficult going forward. Private tutors can be an indispensable asset when preparing for GCSEs or A levels.

Private Tutors and local marketing

What message?

Private Tutors and local marketing

When you are marketing to your local area as a private tutor using leaflet distribution in London your message might need to be tweaked in the current climate.

Even though you might prefer to do lessons face to face either at your location or in your student's homes it is a very good idea to include some reference to your ability to move lessons to Skype or Zoom if necessary.

Making it clear that you have a professional setup to do so together with some testimonials is the way to approach this message.

On top of this it might be a good idea to make it clear that you are aware of some of the challenges that we've had to deal with this year and include some of our coronavirus related graphics and logos.

We've developed these to work for leaflet distribution campaigns by informing your potential clients of your efforts to minimise risk but not to take away from the main message of your leaflet.

Gyms and leaflet distribution post Corona

(Feel free to download all our Anti-Covid logos here)

Private Tutors and local marketing

Why should you focus mainly locally?

Private Tutors and local marketing

As you might be running a good part of your business on Zoom or Skype now what is the point of targeting your local area?

Private tutors and local marketing are closely connected. People still prefer hiring a local teacher or tutor whether this fact is relevant to the service or not.

Leaflet distribution also happens to be one of the best tools to reach the inhabitants of a local London area as it guarantees close to 100% penetration. With repeated drops you can also develop a local mind share that is difficult to achieve with other marketing methods.

London is a large place and as such you should focus your leaflet distribution methods at areas you can service while commuting a minimal possible distance.

As the landscape has changed our marketing strategies might need only small tweaks to be effective. As people as staying in their home more nowadays leaflet distribution can be even more effective than in previous years in reaching everyone in your local area.

Tutors can use this reality to build an even larger clientele and help them get through whatever educational challenges we all might be facing in the upcoming months.

We hope that this article on private tutors and local marketing in London using leaflet distribution has been helpful. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a campaign please feel free to get in touch with us here..