Personal trainers, gyms and leaflets

Personal trainers, gyms and leaflets

An independent personal trainer and a gym provide services that are very much similar. These tend to focus mostly on providing the equipment, guidance, planning and education when it comes to physical health and athletic achievement.

With that being said the marketing strategies (and leaflet distribution campaigns) of personal trainers who are willing to move around London for clients and gyms that are bound to a geographical location should differ quite substantially.

Let's illustrate this on leaflet distribution as that is our expertise and have a detailed look at personal trainers, gyms and leaflets.

Personal trainers, gyms and leaflets

Where to advertise?

Personal trainers, gyms and leaflets

The most significant difference between a leaflet distribution campaign that is to bring clients to a gym compared to a personal trainer will be in what we call the 'local area'.

We talk about this term all the time at The Private Postman as it is so crucial. A local area simply is the overlap between the geographical area you can service and the demographic groups you want to target with your marketing.

For a gym this will mostly focus on areas within walking distance of the gyms location. It might also include some areas that are further away geographically but have very good public transport connections. This would be specific to London.

A personal trainer on the other hand will not have to deal with such limitations. A local area could mean something very different for this type of business. The overlap a personal trainer would be looking for when planning a leaflet distribution campaign in London would look more like this.

The demographic groups one wants to target, the areas one is willing to travel for business to and proximity to suitable outside areas or parks. This is 'local area' will look very different to one that a local gym would identify.

This is one of the most fundamental difference when thinking about personal trainers, gyms and leaflet.

Personal trainers, gyms and leaflets


Personal trainers, gyms and leaflets

Leaflets are meant to be simple. Both in message, format and in design. They should still however deliver an idea of what your business is about and what sets up apart.

Local gyms will be mostly focusing on the equipment they offer to their clients and the variety of classes and services they can provide. A personal trainer will be much more focused on introducing the personality of the trainer.

Most gyms tends to employ many different trainers and dietitians. It is not possible convey the personality of every single employee in a leaflet. A general philosophy of the training is more likely to dominate the leaflet.

A personal trainer can do the exact opposite. A short and concise list of achievements plus some personal information can go a long way to make the leaflet advertising a personal trainer successful.

We hope that this short blog article has provided you with some understanding of personal trainers, gyms and leaflets. If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a leaflet distribution campaign in London please feel free to get in touch with us here.

You can also listen to some audio about leaflet distribution in London here.