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New Rules For Businesses Post Coronavirus

New Rules For Businesses Post Coronavirus

There is some government guidance on what measures different types of business will need to adhere to in relation to limiting the spread of Coronavirus going forward.

The lockdown is easing and we now know some details around social distancing guidelines but there are many voluntary measures businesses can take to develop more trust and protect their clients.

Let's have a look at what some of these measures and new rules for businesses post Coronavirus are. We will also discuss how they can be implemented into your marketing to make sure that your potential clients can feel at ease using your services during these trying times.

New Rules For Businesses Post Coronavirus

Social Distancing

Social Distancing is probably the most obvious thing that will have to be implemented across most businesses. This will apply to both the front and back-end of your business.

By limiting the amount of clients that can attend your premises you can to some level control the social distancing taking place between them. On the other end keeping either limited number of staff working at any given time or developing an effective shift system will allow you to keep your workers safe as well.

We all want to make sure that our employees are safe and can feel confident going to work every morning. The same of course applies to our clients.

Informing your workers about the measures in place and sharing your concern for their health can be relatively easy. This can be done via an email blast or a meeting depending on the size of your workforce.

On the other hand it can be very difficult to inform your existing and potential clients about the measure you are taking to ensure their safety.

That's why we at The Private Postman have developed a series of logos that can be implemented on all marketing materials to inform your clients about your efforts effectively.

New Rules For Businesses Post Coronavirus

(Feel free to download all our Anti-Covid logos here)
These have been designed with leaflet distribution in mind and will work best in that context but can be used in other online or physical marketing materials.

New Rules For Businesses Post Coronavirus

Personal Protective Equipment – PPE

The use of face masks on all public transport will be compulsory starting mid-June 2020. The guidance for businesses is not completely clear at this point.

What any businesses can however do is to voluntarily adopt basic PPE measures as this can have a big impact on how safe and confident your clients will feel on your premises.

Whether this means that some of your staff will be wearing face masks, gloves or face-shields is completely dependant on the type of business you are operating and what is appropriate. A gym trainer is probably not going to be able to do his or her job with a face mask and gloves on.

On the other hand there is nor reason for the receptionist to not wear a face-shield or mask and for your cleaning staff to not wipe all equipment after every class with disinfectant while wearing gloves.

New Rules For Businesses Post Coronavirus

(Feel free to download all our Anti-Covid logos here)
Employing these measures will help protect your staff, your clients develop confidence from both and give you some piece of mind that you are doing your best to serve your clients as well as Help limit the spread of the virus.

New Rules For Businesses Post Coronavirus

Accessible Hand-Sanitizers and surface cleaning

Along with using PPE and keeping with the social distancing guidelines one of the more obvious measures you can take as a business is to provide Hand-Sanitizer at entrance points to your premises.

These should be free to use for anyone walking into your building or office. When a client walks onto your premises and they see everyone there at a safe distance, staff wearing PPE and you also providing them with the option of using disinfectant right away they can feel confident that your services are safe to use.

New Rules For Businesses Post Coronavirus

(Feel free to download all our Anti-Covid logos here)

This would also apply for regular cleaning of all surfaces and equipment. This is relatively easy to implement and can the benefits are many.

Here are the logos and graphics we've created to help you inform your potential clients of your efforts in this regard.

New Rules For Businesses Post Coronavirus

Marketing in post coronavirus in London.

Whether we want it or not there will be new rules for businesses post Coronavirus both on the side of operations and marketing.

One of the main tactics that will be crucial going forward is informing everyone in your local London area that your business is reopening and as we mentioned many times above that your services are safe to use.

In our opinion one of the best tools to do so is Leaflet Distribution.

Due to the physical size of the leaflet you can include the graphics and logos relating to the measures you are taking to help protect your staff and clients while not making your marketing fully about that fact.

New Rules For Businesses Post Coronavirus

Having an A5 leaflet with a few reassuring 2x2cm graphics does not dilute your overall message. It only reinforces it.

On a leaflet a 2x2cm “PPE in USE” logo looks as a matter of fact statement that reinforces trust. On a small social media ad it can take over and damage the impact of your ad.

If you want to reach every single household in your London area leaflet distribution is also the best marketing method to do so. When done right it guarantees that your marketing materials get through every single door in your pre-selected area.

This is again something that is basically impossible with any other marketing technique.

Some social media marketing can do a good job at precise targeting of some demographics but it cannot compete with the penetration level of leaflet distribution when it comes to targeting local areas in London and informing every one of the fact that you are reopening.

New Rules For Businesses Post Coronavirus

(Feel free to download all our Anti-Covid logos here)

We all have to deal with these new rules for businesses post Coronavirus. But approaching this proactively with consistent safety procedures and good marketing there is a plenty of space to succeed in the current climate.

If you would like to book a leaflet distribution campaign in London please feel free to get in touch with us here.