Leaflets for Restaurants in Tier 4 part 2

Leaflets for Restaurants in Tier 4 part 2

In the previous instalment of leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 we've discussed some of the systems we have in place to make London leaflet distribution trackable and safe to use for any business and especially restaurants.

Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 P2

We've also touched on why it is important for any restaurant that has decided to minimise losses caused by the business restrictions currently in place by ramping up their food delivery efforts to use leaflet distribution in London.

Today we will have a look at what your leaflet should look like and where it should be delivered to.

Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 P2


Design is one of the most impactful elements of your London leaflet distribution campaign. If your leaflet is unclear or does not look right it doesn't matter that it is being delivered in perfectly timed waves to the right addresses. It will simply not be effective.

The most important thing about leaflet design is to let a professional handle it. Many people have decent computer skills and as such saving some money by doing your own leaflet can look like a tempting prospect.

There are many small details to a leaflet design that are not immediately obvious that only a trained eye will know to pay attention to. The size of fonts, positioning of your phone number, the kinds of photo that should be used. All of these things can be made more effective when handled by someone with experience.

Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 P2

TPP Design

We at The Private Postman run both a paid and free leaflet distribution design services. The free service is based on the idea that we provide our clients with finished designs with some feedback before printing.

We have a member of our team have a look at your leaflet and if there are obvious mistakes, issues or if some things can be improved we have them inform you of this fact. This is a service that we provide all our customers and it is free.

We know what we are looking for when assessing whether a leaflet will be effective. You can then take this information and either change leaflet yourself or have one of our designers do so.

Our paid design services cover the whole process. From the concept, through design all the way to print. As we handle everything internally this process can be very fast and cost efficient.

The most important aspects of a design for leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 London are as follows.

Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 P2

High Quality photography

High quality photos are probably the most fundamental element of a good restaurant leaflet design. It is best if you can have a professional take photos at your location but using one of the online stock photo services is also possible.

Keep it simple

Keep your message simple. Offer only a single type of cuisine on your leaflet and do not add anything beyond food delivery. If there are other services like online cooking classes you need to make a separate leaflet for these.

Keep your branding consistent

It is important that the colour and fonts used in your leaflets match what your restaurant looks like, what your menus look like and possibly what your delivery boxes look like. Consistency is key.

We hope that the second part of leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 has been helpful. In the last instalment in this series we will discuss how you should decide on the location for your drops and how often you should deliver your leaflets.

Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 P2

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If you have any questions or if you'd like to book a leaflet distribution campaign in London with us please feel free to get in touch here.